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Meg Says Read This:Why Not Me?

22716447If you ask me, Mindy Kaling is one of the most awesome women in the entertainment industry. I love her candid, raw, honest and hilarious personality that not only comes through in her characters on TV, but also in her writing. That “oh my gosh me too!” feeling you might get when you scroll through her Instagram, translates just as well in her books. Now I have to say, Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? is one of my favorites, so it’d be kind of hard to beat that one. With that being said, Why Not Me? came pretty close. Mindy’s writing has a way of making you feel like you’re at happy hour with your girlfriends (or let’s be honest – half the time you’re actually in yoga pants drinking wine on the couch) swapping all the juicy details of life, over analyzing dates, paranoia about work projects, and you know drunk eating McDonald’s and binge watching Netflix. She has such relatable anecdotes, and her down to earth quirkiness shines through the details of her experiences – whether she’s being honest about the knee jerk reaction to rejection, or pinpointing the delicious taste of something you’ve worked hard for being successful. It doesn’t hurt that she made me have a little less hair envy for all my favorite actresses when I realized most of that hair isn’t real. (Game of Thrones, I’m looking at your braids.) Mindy’s description of her long time friendships (such as BJ Novak, or childhood BFF Jaclyn) and all the ridiculous sides of her they’re well accustomed to, or the honest reactions they give her when she asks for input really made me reflect on all the genuine relationships I’m lucky to have in my own life. There’s a great little story about a rendezvous she had with a man she met, when she was meeting President Obama, which was a really interesting story to read unfurl. (Like first of all the President of the United States requested to meet YOU, AND you met a cool guy in the process?) She talks about the pitfalls and anxiety and all of the long nights and hard work that go into making her career as successful as it is (or how all of that hardwork doesn’t necessarily make for a successful outcome each time). Kaling has a great way of putting all the different aspects of life in perspective – growing up, work life, relationships, friendships – and the importance of being yourself and figuring out your own priorities along the way. If you’re looking for something that’s introspective and real without being so heavy that it breaks your heart (because really sometimes you just might get tears in your eyes from laughing so hard) then I recommend reading Why Not Me? 

(Image borrowed from GoodReads.)


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