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Meg Says Listen to This: “Man on Fire”

There are a few moments in life, that right in the middle of them, maybe in a split second – you will think to yourself, “I love every little detail of this moment.” You’ll know, even if it’s in your subconscious, that there’s a beauty of the moment you’ll later wish had been bottled – so you could relive it in an instant. But we can’t do that, thus life demands of us to soak up every droplet of pure magic these moments hold.
That is how I feel when I hear certain notes of certain songs and I’m transported to a dusty, grassy farm in Manchester Tennessee. Maybe the sun shines high above us, giving us rosy cheeks and pink shoulders, as that glowing energy spills out in our laughter. Maybe the moon hangs above, with a silver glow that lights the chilled blades of grass beneath our feet, as the hours of the night flick by in blinks of wide eyes that sleepiness hasn’t struck yet. Maybe we’ve sought shade with one hundred new friends under a tree in this magical land. Whatever it may be, I think of a warm feeling inside, I think of gratitude for community, a zest for life – a true appreciation of that very single moment we’re right smack in the middle of living.
Whenever I hear Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros “Man on Fire” this happens to me. I feel the hair on my arms rise in the chill of a memory, and tears spring in the corners of my eyes. They’re happy tears though, as I’m connected to that overwhelming feeling of complete contentment.
That’s what made me want to share this song with you all today. It’s not even the song itself manifested in my memories, but it’s Alex Ebert’s voice. It’s those notes. I’m instantly propelled, and I’d like to share that personal time machine journey with you. It doesn’t hurt that the video for this song is awesome. Enjoy!


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