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Meg Says Watch This: Stranger Things


Netflix new original series brought to you by the twin brother duo Matt and Ross Duffer has such an amazing story packed into eight episodes. I’ll admit, I’m a scaredy cat – I’m annoying to watch thrillers with because I hide under blankets or peek through my hands, but for whatever reason syfy is a different story. I’m so fascinated by anything paranormal. I had an unhealthy teenage obsession with Roswell and conspiracy theories. The kids are so brilliantly cast in this show (well, all the characters) that I was hooked immediately. It’s set in the 80’s and everything about it was done right – the house decor, the muted outfits, the music, the old corded phones.

I don’t want to spoil any of the mystery of the show, so I’ll tell you this. A group of friends are playing a heated game of Dungeons and Dragons and it’s time to head home for the night. Three boys set out on their bikes, and only two end up making it home. The episodes cover the span of a week while Will is missing. But there is so much more to the story. (Isn’t there always?)

It’s a fantastically crafted piece of work with a beautiful nod to the likes of E.T. and the Goonies, but with it’s own unique appeal. I started it last week after a girlfriend recommended it, and now I can’t stop telling people to watch it. I personally didn’t find the show scary, just sufficiently suspenseful. But I like to think of it as an innocent suspense that plays on imagination.

I love that it’s 2016 and this is the kind of project that people are creating. The technology of our time is amazing, but it’s cool to see a little rewind.

(If you’ve already watched it: I was reading an interview with the Duffer bros from Variety the other day, and they said they have a 30 page document about Upside Down. Thirty pages! I just love the depth of the story here. ALSO, a Season Two has been confirmed!)


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