meg says watch this

Meg Says Watch This: Aly & Simone Interview 

So, I’ve refrained from posting every day on here about The Olympics, but if you know me…well, let’s just say you know I’ve been zoned in for the past week in a half on this coverage of Rio 2016. Gymnastics and swimming are my favorite, and man have there been some awesome stories. (Especially now as track and field are under way and we see great shows of sportsmanship and kindness that just make my heart explode.) All that pressure, and high level competition intensity aside – after the final individual event for women’s gymnastics yesterday, Bob Costas had this incredible interview with Simone Biles and Aly Raisman. It honestly might be my favorite interview ever. Anytime I need to laugh I’m going to have go back and rematch it. The girls are just so deliriously happy, the candidness is amazing. The genuine friendship, laughter, and spunky attitudes – you couldn’t make that up if you tried. Happy Hump Day – watch the interview and put a smile on your face!

(I haven’t found a video that will embed in this post yet, so you can watch it directly on the NBC Olympics page here.)



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