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Meg Says Read This: The Hopefuls

5166bezbkhl-_sx334_bo1204203200_ A few weeks ago it felt like the beautiful cover of The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close was popping up all over social media. Then it appeared on the New Releases page of my public library’s website. (Don’t knock – we’ve already established my level of nerdiness here!) With cover imagery like that, it was impossible to ignore so I jumped in line and put a hold on it. Even with the Rio 2016 Olympic Coverage devouring my free time in the past few weeks, I still found myself completely immersed in this story. Close has a way of writing where it feels like you have such an intimate look into the character’s lives. It has the easy flow of blog entries, but the personal details delve so much further.

The Hopefuls tells the story of Beth and Matt who’s relationship started after a fateful meeting in NYC. The beginning clues us in that Matt worked on the Obama campaign in 2008 and was absolutely captivated by the magic energy of being involved. (I’ll admit I was amused from the first page – in a totally good way.) While Beth doesn’t echo the same sentiments, she definitely understands that it’s Matt’s passion. Eventually the young newlyweds found themselves right smack dab in the hub bub of Washington D.C. Matt with dreams of running for office, and Beth having left everything she knew behind in NYC, (only after losing her job at Vanity Fair.) Matt instantly warms to the city of politics, while Beth takes much longer to find a comfortable place there. A blossoming friendship with another couple in a similar position, having moved from Texas – Ashley and Jimmy bring a sense of belonging and ease to the niche they’ve created in D.C. Basically the story follows Matt’s slow climb up the ladder (not always up, sometimes just lateral much to his frustration.) And Beth’s struggle to pinpoint her true aspirations and goals in life, in both her career and her ideas about a future family. It follows their transitions geographically and emotionally.

I know this might not sound like the most exciting story right off hand, but let me tell you: the way Jennifer Close writes, it feels like you’re on the couch and your best friend is just spilling her guts about the mess of everything going on in her life and in her head. That’s how close you feel to all the anguish, and roller coaster of emotions and events Beth is experiencing on their journey. I also think this is one of the most honest depictions of a relationship I’ve ever read about. Even beautiful relationships still come with their own struggles, and Beth notices them even when she can’t pin point the source. While she supports Matt, she also knows even in his disappoints she still deserves to be treated with respect and as a teammate in their marriage. That sacrifice goes both ways. That one person can’t put in all the effort to make a relationship work. It was almost painful at times to read about their struggles, but I think they’re also relatable and in a way, readers can find comfort in that.

Some books get so much buzz when they first come out, that by the time I read them I’m disappointed they don’t live up to the hype. This isn’t one of them. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of Jennifer Close’s The Hopefuls I suggest you get on that now!


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