Meg Says Listen to This: Wild World // VOTE

I fell in love with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors music, years ago. I’m a sucker for a raw heart in an open song. Tomorrow is election day (I think it may be impossible to forget this year,) and I think we can probably all agree on one thing: how ready we are for it to be over.
This election cycle has opened my eyes to so many people I know and love true viewpoints, and it is so disheartening. The hate, the exclusion, the sheer apathy for so many of the things that matter most to me, not just as a woman, but as a human being – have made me physically ill on multiple occasions throughout this election cycle. All of this to say: we have a responsibility in exercising our right to vote, making our voices heard. (You can visit: Can I Vote? if you’re already registered but need to find your polling precinct. Also, Uber and Lyft are offering discounts during open voting hours tomorrow.)
From before I was old enough to vote I was interested in politics in general. When I was little our politician family friends who baby sat me made sure I knew the names of people in office (and their pets). I was a little obsessed with reading books about the First Ladies. In fourth grade we went on a trip to D.C. and toured the White House. I was entranced by the wonder of it all. I remember getting a camcorder for my birthday as a teenager, and filming our political discussions at the Thanksgiving dinner table. I was in high school in 2004, my birthday is November 23rd 1987 by quite a bit, so I missed that round – but I begged my friends to be informed and vote. I’ve canvassed, I’ve worked voter registrations, I’ve participated in marches, gone to rallies. There’s an intoxicating feeling being a part of the change you work so hard to incorporate.  I’ve had the opportunity to hear and meet so many inspiring leaders and visionaries over the years. I felt so full of hope for what was to come. These are different times, and I can only hope that we will all move forward, learn and grow in the days ahead. That we will make decisions that advance us as people and a country, and not set us back.

There are ideas being presented that are so mind boggling to me, I know I will never understand. I hope that we have learned enough not to repeat the mistakes of the past. May we remember that individual voices coming together can have the power to do good or do harm. May we choose to fight for the good of all.

In the beautiful words of Drew Holcomb: “It’s a wild world but there ain’t no way I’m gonna quit it. Love is all we got to give away.” I’m sharing this song today because it’s heartfelt, it encompasses a lot, and it speaks so much truth. I had some thoughts I needed to get off my chest. I know we are past the point of changing each others minds, but I hope we are not past believing there is weight in our words, matter in our voices.

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