meg says listen to this

Meg Says, Listen to This: Leon Bridges 

Every once in a while we are graced with a voice that stands out among the rest – timeless, classic, smooth and if you’re lucky those sounds will give you chills. For me, Leon Bridges is one of those artists. He sounds like he came from another generation, another decade – soul speaking as he croons to our eager ears. Leon Bridges is in a category all his own. Who knows why I waited so long to pick up his album, Coming Home on vinyl (because I do dumb things, sometimes.) Thank goodness I did though. These songs were just what I needed to listen to this weekend. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was my birthday and I’m all weird and philosophical and thought very carefully about what I chose to listen to over the next few days. I just felt the albums I chose would set a certain tone for the following year, or at least begin a pattern. On Sunday, after days of not setting an alarm, drinking wine whenever I felt like it, binging Gilmore Girls (another post for another day), eating ridiculously unhealthy things – I figured it was time for some productivity. This was the perfect soundtrack for laying on my floor staring at the ceiling, doing piles of laundry, and making room not look like a war zone.

In October I went to Oregon to visit my brother. The first morning out there, after a visit to Blue Star Donuts in Portland, I found myself at Every Day Music. (Might I add that the person sitting at the counter next to me at Blue Star, who also got the dark chocolate almond ganache – I noticed because it was so messy, I was curious how much of a disaster other’s space looked – was also browsing the aisles there? I’d chalk that up as some good taste.)  I lost track of how much time I spent in there? Probably an hour and a half? There were just so many great records to choose from, my “maybe” stack growing by the minute on the counter. But I saw this album on the far wall, and I just felt like it was calling for me to bring it home.

I saved it for a few weeks because I’m weird like that, but I must’ve listened to it half a dozen times this weekend. (There’s something distinctly different about listening to an album on vinyl as opposed to how I’d been streaming it on Spotify.)  It’s addicting. It’s soothing. There’s just something dreamy about it, and I can’t even think of anything to compare it to right now. This is less me urging you to listen to a particular song, but more just let yourself be consumed by the whole entire album. Already a Leon Bridges fan? Let’s chat. Leave a comment! What’s your favorite jam? Happy listening friends. Make sure you introduce yourself to this one soon.

And because I can’t resist here’s an official music video for Leon Bridges “Coming Home”

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