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Meg Says, Listen to This: “Brave For You”

The XX recently released a new album, I See You. It’s their first since Coexist in 2012. I love them. I’ve always been obsessed with the “xx” album, and getting to see them live at a late night set at Bonnaroo in 2013 just made me love them more. This album feels like a gift, given to us at just the right time. Yesterday morning I was listening while I was getting ready, and the song “Brave For You” really struck me. I was a bundle of nerves for a multitude of reasons. This has been a roller coaster of a week, (health, heart, mind,) as I’m sure it has been for so many others. We all have our own fears and anxieties, I know I’ve got mine. When you’re staring them in the face (particularly, all of them at once) it can be overwhelming. Anticipation and uncertainty are sometimes worse than things coming to fruition. I don’t know, we’ve all got our days. When they get to this line:

And when I’m scared
I imagine you’re there
Telling me to be brave

I just feel that wave of emotion special songs can bring. One of those songs that brings comfort through the speakers. We all need one of those sometimes. Art is powerful. Anyway, the whole album is awesome so I can almost guarantee this won’t be the only “Listen to This” post I have plugging a song from I See You. In the meantime, check it out. And if you needed a little bit of a hug through the airways maybe this will be it.


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