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Listen to This: “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac

Is there anything more healing than driving on a rainy day with the stereo turned way up, singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album? Okay, maybe…dancing around your room, sipping on wine, as the vinyl spins. But really, there’s a reason this album never gets old, why it has such staying power. Because it’s timeless, because it’s soulful, and because those jams…who can skip a Fleetwood Mac song, let alone resist singing along to it? So, for a Friday flashback I’ve got “Silver Springs” for you. This was actually a B-Side to “Go Your Own Way,” so it’s more of a hidden gem. Don’t ask me my favorite Fleetwood song because that’s next to impossible; they’re all so good! I just read a tweet the other day, someone somehow made it through almost 30 years of life without familiarizing themselves with this lovely album – if that’s you: get on it! You won’t be disappointed.


listen to this, meg says listen to this

Listen to This: Sunday Kind Of Love

There’s no real reason I’m sharing this song with you all today, other than the fact that sometimes you just need to listen to music that makes you feel good. Etta James does that for me every time. Her voice is a beautiful combination of somehow feeling the warmth of a hug, but also the distance created by being in awe of someone you admire. Her voice, the lyrics, the power – she’s the total package. If I ever get married, (and have a wedding) – believe me, “At Last” will get played at some point because it’s  one of my favorite songs of all time. But “Sunday Kind of Love” needs the spotlight sometimes, too. Even though it’s Friday, here you go:

meg says listen to this

Meg Says, Listen to This: Leon Bridges 

Every once in a while we are graced with a voice that stands out among the rest – timeless, classic, smooth and if you’re lucky those sounds will give you chills. For me, Leon Bridges is one of those artists. He sounds like he came from another generation, another decade – soul speaking as he croons to our eager ears. Leon Bridges is in a category all his own. Who knows why I waited so long to pick up his album, Coming Home on vinyl (because I do dumb things, sometimes.) Thank goodness I did though. These songs were just what I needed to listen to this weekend. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was my birthday and I’m all weird and philosophical and thought very carefully about what I chose to listen to over the next few days. I just felt the albums I chose would set a certain tone for the following year, or at least begin a pattern. On Sunday, after days of not setting an alarm, drinking wine whenever I felt like it, binging Gilmore Girls (another post for another day), eating ridiculously unhealthy things – I figured it was time for some productivity. This was the perfect soundtrack for laying on my floor staring at the ceiling, doing piles of laundry, and making room not look like a war zone.

In October I went to Oregon to visit my brother. The first morning out there, after a visit to Blue Star Donuts in Portland, I found myself at Every Day Music. (Might I add that the person sitting at the counter next to me at Blue Star, who also got the dark chocolate almond ganache – I noticed because it was so messy, I was curious how much of a disaster other’s space looked – was also browsing the aisles there? I’d chalk that up as some good taste.)  I lost track of how much time I spent in there? Probably an hour and a half? There were just so many great records to choose from, my “maybe” stack growing by the minute on the counter. But I saw this album on the far wall, and I just felt like it was calling for me to bring it home.

I saved it for a few weeks because I’m weird like that, but I must’ve listened to it half a dozen times this weekend. (There’s something distinctly different about listening to an album on vinyl as opposed to how I’d been streaming it on Spotify.)  It’s addicting. It’s soothing. There’s just something dreamy about it, and I can’t even think of anything to compare it to right now. This is less me urging you to listen to a particular song, but more just let yourself be consumed by the whole entire album. Already a Leon Bridges fan? Let’s chat. Leave a comment! What’s your favorite jam? Happy listening friends. Make sure you introduce yourself to this one soon.

And because I can’t resist here’s an official music video for Leon Bridges “Coming Home”

meg says listen to this

Meg Says, Listen to This: Throwback Zeppelin “That’s The Way”

Alright, normally I’d say I dig my fair share of classics, but then sometimes I just feel utterly overwhelmed by my love for music. I only have two ears and one heart and there are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes I like to listen to the same track on repeat. How in the world do I fit in all the music I want to hear? From my brooding indie soul sessions, my classic sing alongs, and then my guilty pleasures of top 40 pop there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. During my work day there’s a pretty good mix of genres streaming from Pandora One from the front desk, and I’m not complaining. Every once in a while I hear a song, and I’m just like how have I never heard this one before?! I should probably be ashamed to admit, that’s what happened the first time I heard Led Zeppelin’s “That’s the Way.” How have I lived 28 years on this planet without knowing this glorious track? It struck a chord big time, and then I just wanted to put it on all of my mixes, blast it in my car, fill my ears on my runs, and put it on repeat while making dinner.

Here’s the thing. When I originally typed this I was in a happy little blissfully obsessive relationship with this song. Then as the weeks passed, it found its way into heavier moments in my life. All you emotional people out there will know what I mean – how there are certain moments that bring such a blow (sometimes positively, sometimes negatively) that you remember minute details connected to the event (what shoes you were wearing, how the morning dew glistened on the grass, and…what song you were listening to).  “That’s the Way” unknowingly became one of those songs for me. At least in a recent chapter of my life. Who knows, maybe down the road I’ll connect it with someone else. In the meantime I decided firmly not to let the emotions of that event impact my appreciation of that song. (You know – the active decision not to let some silly thing ruin something you enjoy so much). we should do that more often, actively decide to enjoy the music for what is is. With that being said, I won’t lie – this song evokes so much strong emotion. How do you not get a little misty eyed while listening? This is definitely going on my list of vinyl I’ll search for in the future. Anyway, without further adieu here’s the special gem:


Listen, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday, Listen to This: “Night Moves”

I went back through my archives, and it seems somehow I have neglected to share with you all one of my absolute most favorite songs OF ALL TIME. Bob Segar’s “Night Moves” holds a very special place in my heart. I don’t even know if I could really explain my obsession with this one, but it’s ever present, never fading, and if you’re in a room/car/bar with me when it comes on you better believe we’re going to turn it up and sing along. So, it might be a little bit provocative but who cares? That didn’t stop Julie Cooper from a little calm down sing-a-long post earthquake on The O.C. This song just never gets old to me. It calls out to that reckless youthful side, and it reminds me of the hazy dreamy summer gallivanting and rendezvous we can all get wrapped up in. Or it can make a slow, cold, January winter day feel like the rush of summer. I might just…okay fine, I most definitely own this on vinyl so I can jam out on my record player. It’s Thursday, make it a happy one, and give yourself a little pick-me-up by tuning into this fantastic classic throwback.

Right around 3:08…oh, man.