listen to this, meg says listen to this

Listen to This: “Call It Dreaming” by Iron and Wine

Damn. Iron and Wine’s newest release on Sub Pop with this incredible song “Call It Dreaming” is so absolutely dreamy, I almost can’t stand it. I heard it described as, new┬áIron and Wine, giving a nod to the old. It definitely has a classic I&W feel to it, but there’s also something completely refreshing about it. It’s absolutely beautiful. This is lyrical poetry at it’s finest. And I can tell you this…no matter how wound up I’m feeling, or worked up about something, as soon as this song comes on there’s a calming peace that comes over me. It’s like a spell that settles things down. There’s so much life in this song. The kind that makes it feel like my heart is really full. The music video shows that – the beauty and the grit, and it’s fabulously shot. If you’re not familiar with this song, go ahead and listen now.

listen to this, meg says listen to this

Listen to This: “From the Dining Table”

Harry Styles long awaited self-titled solo album was released last week. I waited to listen until Saturday morning (after loving the new radio hit “Sign of the Times”) and I CANNOT STOP LISTENING. The whole album is so dang good. Don’t brush it off as a teeny bopper album, or you’ll be missing out. One of my favorite tracks on the album (too hard to choose – addicted to “Meet Me In the Hallway” “Sweet Creature” “Ever Since New York” “Two Ghosts” – okay all of them, I guess) is “From the Dining Table.” I think one of the endearing things about this album is that the lyrics are so relatable. Don’t hate me for this comparison, but the fist thing that came to mind was AM by the Arctic Monkeys. The songs are so emotional and heartfelt, but there are also songs you can move to, and they’re perfect for jamming out in the car. OK, honestly, they’re perfect for everything because I also listened while I was running this morning. “From the Dining Table” is the last track on the album, the imagery is so vivid, but also the longing is palpable. His vocals are smooth, and the music is original. This guy is talented, and hopefully his true artistry is recognized.


Listen to This: “Summer Skin”

I know, I know two days of music suggestions in a row?! But in my defense, this song was stuck hard in my head this morning and I couldn’t resist sharing. Having enjoyed one of the staple days of summer this week, with fourth of July celebrations – it just seems so fitting. Plus, this is one of the pros of technology. I was driving to work, and my iPod was in my trunk, so at a red light (which lasted probably six minutes,) I was able to pull up this sweet tune on YouTube from my phone, and listen to it on repeat until I got to work.

I just love basically everything about it. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’re already aware of my love for Death Cab and Plans (which “Summer Skin” is on) is one of my favorite albums of theirs. By the way, I just checked and if Plans isn’t in your library you should definitely add it for the awesome price of $5.00! Don’t you love when that happens?!

The lyrics just perfectly embody everything that is the carefree life of summer months. Actually, a lot of their songs are like that for me. I had visions of seeing them in concert last October at the House of Blues in Orlando. Really, I’d love to just hop in the car and drive to see them, somewhere, anywhere this weekend. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but in the meantime you can enjoy along with me:


Music Monday

Listen to This

I know I was slacking last week, but I couldn’t let another Monday pass without sharing (if anyone actually stumbles across this,) Matt Pond PA’s “New Hampshire.” I have loved this song for a long time now, and it’s worth giving a listen in case you fall in love, as well. I was trying to remember how I found them in the first place, and I’m thinking it’s probably the same way I found The Reindeer Selection. That was – being a moody teenager listening to satellite radio in my cousin’s car during freezing cold fall FSU tailgates. (This didn’t happen long because really, who wants to leave their car running for that? But I did find some gems over time.) Plus, if you’re a Tallahassee reader, this band will be visiting the lovely Club Downunder Tuesday September 27th!

“New Hampshire” and eleven other amazing songs are on Matt Pond PA’s album Emblems.

Plus, this is one of those random/cool fan created videos.