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Listen To This: “Harmless” by Amanda Shires

There are certain songs that every time they pop up on my playlists on Spotify, I automatically go to “favorite” them with the little heart. Every time I’m reminded I’ve already favorited (a verb now), and done the same thing every time the song comes on. Amanda Shires “Harmless” is one of those songs. Just the opening notes are enough to capture my entire attention, and stop whatever I’m doing to be immersed in the song. With lines like “there was a sword in my drink, everything’s a sign, if you want it to be” or “and way out in the cheap seats, the stars started unblinking the ones that know anything won’t be revealing” it’s one of those songs that’s full packages – lyrics that are jam packed with emotion, relatability even, Shire’s voice is angelic and beautiful, and the song itself is a story to get lost in. Shires is married to Jason Isbell, so can you imagine the jam sessions that come out of the talented duo in that house?! Anyway, if you’re not familiar with her I’d say this is a great song to start with because it showcases her awe-inspiring abilities in such a perfect way. It’s a little bit folk, a little bit sad, but a whole lot of exactly what you should be checking out! “Harmless” is one of the tracks on her album My Piece of Land. 



Listen, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday, Listen to This: “Clean White Love”

Happy Thursday all! Hope you had a successful Halloween yesterday, and if not indulge your sorrows in some deep discounted post-holiday candy. (Yeah, I should be avoiding that as I don’t have a sweet tooth anymore, but rather a mouth of all sweet teeth.) ANYWAYS…it’s throwback Thursday! Today’s throwback doesn’t extend as far in the past as some lately, but it’s a “throwback” none-the-less. My housemate just ordered some new kitchen appliances this week, which was very exciting. Upon oohing and ahhing over the pretty, full-functioning items I heard my phone go off. That wouldn’t be weird, (other than that there’s only one handful of people who call me,) but it was the fact that I didn’t even realize it was my phone at first. Probably because my phone is always on vibrate, but still…hello! And why should it be? (Other than I frequent the library enough that people would probably be disturbed if I forgot to turn it down.) The fact is, I’m jipping myself on the opportunity to listen to a great song all the time. Lisa Mitchell‘s “Clean White Love.” The song is featured on the entirely awesome album Wonder. I didn’t discover her until my first post-college summer, but I was completely enamored with her beautiful voice. I was on quite the snail-mail roll, and I remember writing to everyone about her, gushing over how fantastic she was and everyone needed to give her a listen. I’d include her songs on my mixes, make her lyrics my Facebook status, blast the songs on repeat while I ate breakfast and job searched everyday. Seriously, she’s just absolutely wonderful. (“Coin Laundry” was the first song I heard from her, and I’m trying to remember how…I want to say maybe this all had a vague connection to the crazy shooting episode of Grey’s Anatomy because that’s what else I remember from the beginning of that summer.) Anyway, all of this goes to say that I should leave my phone on ring more often, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about you should watch this pretty, official video for “Clean White Love”: