Listen to This: “Mean”

Because it’s Wednesday, and it’s been a rough week and because this song just keeps running through my head today, I give you TSwift’s “Mean” from her album Speak Now. I’m pretty sure it’s probably almost impossible to have missed this one. It’s slammed the radio airwaves, she’s won many awards, and sang it live on the several occasions. It’s a good one to think about when you’re trying to maintain composure, but you really just want to scream or cry. Sometimes, people are just really down right mean. Your boss. Customers. Strangers. Friends. We all have our bad days, but don’t take it out on those around you. I’m not really a touchy-feely person, but days like today just make me want to give people a hug.

“All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life, and mean and mean and mean…”