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Watch This: Eighth Grade

mv5bmzvlyzgxyjatyzhhzi00mdc1ltlkzdmtmtrhzwi0mtg5ytrjxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyntazmty4mda-_v1_sy1000_cr006401000_al_After seeing the trailer in theatres a few times, I was excited to finally watch Eighth Grade last week. (Let’s not even get into the chaotic logistics of Movie Pass, right now.) I’ll admit the trailers made me uncomfortable at times, but I think it was because of how relatable the material was. I don’t think middle school was an easy experience for anyone, (even the people who made it look like it was.)

Bo Burnham’s writing and directing debut was a standout. Not only did he capture the awkwardness of adolescence, but he did it from a girl’s perspective, and he did it well.

Kayla (played by Elsie Fisher) was painfully brilliant in this role. A girl with few friends, keeping herself company making YouTube videos in her bedroom, after school – full of motivational messages to her subscribers that she hasn’t quite figured out how to practice herself yet.

The tenderness in Kayla’s relationship with her Dad (Josh Hamilton) was heart wrenching. I’ve been a thirteen year old girl, I get where all that angst and attitude is coming from – but to watch her dad try and help her, and communicate with her? Well, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could see talks I had with my own parents, while I watched theirs on screen. If I’m honest, the bonfire scene made me think of conversations in more recent years because if we’re lucky those relationships with our parents can continue.

I don’t think you had to have social media in middle school to relate to this film. (Though, I’m insanely grateful we only had AOL instant messenger, MySpace, and LiveJournal back then, and we used them all after school.) The tween and early teen years are hard to navigate regardless of what decade you’re living them in. Trying to figure out yourself in a sea of a million other things, and craving acceptance or approval, or just to feel like you’ve found your people can be a lot.

We get to see the excitement unravel on screen when Kayla makes friends with an older crowd, (and the absolute joy when she gets invited to “hang out.”) We get to see her flopping attempts at Googling some subject matter for instructional tips. We see the panic inducing anxiety of figuring out what to do at a pool birthday party with the “cool kids” (an entirely too specific one came to my mind with that scene.) We’re reminded just how young the pressure of sexual encounters really start (and when you’re watching it unfold in front of you, it’s so disturbing because it’s the same girl in other scenes decorating craft projects with glitter glue.)

It was refreshing to see something so real in film, right now. From acne, and smeared mascara to the overuse of the word “like” – everything about this film was spot on. Eighth Grade did what some of the best movies do – found a way for you to go through a roller coaster of emotions, and be smiling when you get off the ride. (For all the angst fueled scenes in the film, there was a perfect mix of ones that made you laugh.) So, If you haven’t seen it yet check out Eighth Grade, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. (You can see the trailer here.)

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Listen to This: 12-23-95

It’s that time again, Christmas Eve Eve! And what better song to listen to than Jimmy Eat World’s 12-23-95? None, of course. I definitely listen to this classic song whether it’s the holiday season or not, but there’s something extra special about listening to it on the day of its title. Anyway, if you don’t know this one – add it to your next holiday music playlist because it’s definitely unique! There are some songs you  know you’re going to hold onto for years to come, and this is one of them for me. (Also, a thousand years ago the Maybe This Christmas album was my jam – from Thanksgiving to New Years that album was on heavy rotation – Paul Frank’s Julius the Monkey album art, and all.) Whether or not you’re familiar with this gem of a tune already, go ahead and give it a listen below. While you’re at it, go ahead and add this one to your holiday music playlist.
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Listen to This: “Call It Dreaming” by Iron and Wine

Damn. Iron and Wine’s newest release on Sub Pop with this incredible song “Call It Dreaming” is so absolutely dreamy, I almost can’t stand it. I heard it described as, new Iron and Wine, giving a nod to the old. It definitely has a classic I&W feel to it, but there’s also something completely refreshing about it. It’s absolutely beautiful. This is lyrical poetry at it’s finest. And I can tell you this…no matter how wound up I’m feeling, or worked up about something, as soon as this song comes on there’s a calming peace that comes over me. It’s like a spell that settles things down. There’s so much life in this song. The kind that makes it feel like my heart is really full. The music video shows that – the beauty and the grit, and it’s fabulously shot. If you’re not familiar with this song, go ahead and listen now.

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Listen to This: “Everything Now” by Arcade Fire

So, the latest album from Arcade Fire, Everything Now has been out for a few months now, and guess what? I still can’t stop listening to it. All of the songs are great, but especially the title track because there is just something so magnetic and engaging about it. It has this great beat that makes me have to keep myself in check so I don’t have a lead foot when I’m jamming out in the car, but even beyond that…the lyrics are something fierce and loaded. So basically the whole thing is incredibly. I’m bummed I didn’t see them on this tour because every clip I’ve seen looks like pure magic. When you need a song that stirs something in your soul, I think this is one of those. I bought Taylor Swift’s album this weekend, and I had to take out EN to put it in, and immediately I was ready to switch back. There’s definitely something special about this album. I felt like I could relate to so many chapters of life, but also the current one without drowning in nostalgia. I don’t know how they accomplished that, but it’s mesmerizing. I would share some lyrics here, but then I’d be sharing the whole darn song because I just can’t pick. Except, “Every song that I’ve ever heard, Is playing at the same time, it’s absurd” is hands down one of my favorites. That is exactly what my brain feels like sometimes. If you need something to tap your feet along to, tap along on the steering wheel, sing scream because the song is so full of passion – then listen to to this one. And if you’ve already heard it, by all means – listen again. This is a song that I’ve found is somehow impossible to overplay, and that’s a bit hard to come by. Check out the awesome music video below!

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Listen to This: “Find Yourself” by Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

Alright guys, here’s another tune that I just can’t get out of my head. I can’t even say that’s a bad thing because I really dig it. There’s something so soulful that feels like this one came from a different decade in the vocals and in the vibes. Even more than that…the lyrics. I know I’m a lyric girl through and through, and these are ones I feel like got picked from the back of my mind. Sure, there are plenty of pop songs on the radio lately that catch my attention, and I find myself singing along, but there’s something so original and unique about this one, and I found the sound really refreshing. Not to mention Lukas Nelson is the son of Willie Nelson, so those musical genes run in the family. If you haven’t heard this song yet, go ahead and give it a listen.

“Well I don’t mind sleeping alone, 
If it means I don’t have to play your crazy games no more
You’re the most precious ting I’ve ever seen
But I ain’t gonna let it slide when you’re mean to me
I know the love that I deserve
And I hope you find yourself
Before I find somebody else to be my love” 

Here’s the official music video. I love the lighting, and the beach bon fire jam going on…