Decisions, Decisions

TL Beckett, BL Linwood, R Huxley.

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The Warby Parker at home try on frames came in on Monday night! I was so excited when I checked the tracking number, that I almost wanted to skip the gym to see them sooner. (Alas I did not, but I did try them on as soon as I got home.) I received five frames in the mail, the the Thatcher pair are absolutely comically large, and I am just not feeling the Colton frames. This week, I’ve been wearing a different pair throughout the day (work, errands, etc.) My coworkers are sort of oblivious to these sorts of things, so no one has noticed that I’ve been wearing a different pair of glasses everyday. (Although some did ask me – since when do you wear glasses? Umm, since second grade. Ha.) Anyway, that has been fun in itself because when else in my life can I do that? (Oh you know, unless later down the road I wind up famous like Lisa Loeb and can go all out with my eye wear!) I put up an album on Facebook of me sporting each set of frames, and the consensus so far seems between these three pair as well, (it may be a tie between Linwood and Beckett right now.) I am leaning¬† towards the Beckett frames because this go around I was looking for something more dramatic. Though, I’m wearing the Huxley today and they’re fun too. The Linwood are extremely similar to the frames I’ve worn in the past. If I was an everyday glasses kind of girl might make sense, but since these are for night/traveling/reading/random days I want them to be more fun and bold. Let me just say I’ve had a wonderful customer service experience with WP, so far! I placed the order on Thursday mid-day, expecting to receive them on maybe the following Thursday, and so I didn’t even bother to check the tracking until Monday after. Originally slated for Tuesday delivery, which surprised me, but then as an even bigger shock I saw they were out for delivery on Monday afternoon! How awesome. Ok ramble, ramble enough of my words – what do you think? Take my poll, I welcome your feedback!


PS: Are you wondering about that awesome red shirt I’m wearing? City Church Tallahassee will be hosting Easter at the Civic Center on Sunday April 8th at 11Am. If you’re in Tallahassee, come check it out! If you’re not? Watch live online or listen to the podcast! I’d love for you to join us.

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Listen to This: If It’s The Beaches

Happy, Happy Friday to all! Somehow, it is already the weekend again. (Do not take this as a bad thing, I think it’s completely wonderful though part of my brain is semi-befuddled at how quickly this week passed.) I am heading out this afternoon to Fernandina Beach for a girls weekend. I am more than excited about this. The song doesn’t really relate necessarily but it was stuck in my head last night while I was packing and such. I know I’ve gushed about this on my Mugs Life blog before, but it’s time for it to have its moment to shine over here. I first found this song on the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, but it was my friend Emily who introduced me to The Avett Brothers with one of her fabulous mixed CDs. “If It’s the Beaches” is one of the songs from their album The Gleam. If you haven’t checked them out before, seriously I’m urging you: JUST DO IT! So many of their songs are on my repeat endlessly lists, and I included them on my own mixed CDs I make people a lot. They are just that good. Though sometimes this song makes me cry with its beauty, that’s not how I feel about a weekend out-of-town. Enjoy and have a splendid weekend everyone!

Also, here’s a fan created music video from YouTube I love this one because of the sunset images:


Listen to This: “Be, Be My Love”

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You know how scents and sounds have certain associations with memories? Music is always like that for me. Literally it feels like every time I turn on the radio, listen to my iPod, even Pandora – I’m flooded with a scrapbook of moments from my life reeling through my brain. A friend posted the Jason Mraz/Rachael Yamagata song “Did You Get My Message” on Facebook this morning, so I listened to it while I made my breakfast. Then I was well on my way down memory lane, deep in thought of times associated with Rachael Yamagata lyrics. Most vividly “Be Be Your Love,” which I had a sort of addiction to during my senior year of high school and the summer following. I’m pretty sure I first found Rachael’s music through The OC (which was/is one of my favorite tv shows!) I recall sitting in parking lots on humid Florida nights, and I must have had an iPod with me, (since we didn’t have iPhones yet,) cranking this song up and playing it on repeat in my friends new car. It makes me think of adventures, and teenage angst, and the way we torture ourselves with decisions that feel so pivotal at the time. So, without further ado if you’re unfamiliar with Yamagata’s lovely voice, take a listen (this is a fan video from YouTube) from her Happenstance album:

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Watch This: My Week with Marilyn

With all of its Oscar buzz I’m sure you’ve heard about My Week With Marilyn by now. Michelle Williams does a phenomenal job in her portrayal of the late iconic star. Marilyn Monroe has always been a fascinating figure to me. I was sad to find out I’d missed this while it was playing in the local AMC theater, so a few weekends ago when I saw it was at our “cheap theater” I jumped on the opportunity to treat myself.

I found myself in my seat, just smiling up at the screen half the time, and maybe the other half I had a furrowed brow. Marilyn’s days were so riddled with her troubles, the skeletons of her past affecting every part of her life. She longed for acceptance and approval, and she had such a small circle of people she trusted. This film seemed to accurately portray Marilyn as I’ve read about her over the years.

I may have developed another film crush in Eddie Redmayne who plays Colin Clarke. The film was based from the time he documented while an assistant to Sir Laurence Oliver on set of The Prince and the Showgirl. Clarke develops an intimate relationship with Monroe during his time on the film, which allows viewers to see her “behind the scenes” behavior.

The cast ranges in regard to their feelings towards Monroe. Some people wrapped around her finger,  are intrigued by her presence. Others worry for her health and stability, and then there are those in constant frustration of her demanding attitude.

Williams was so deep into character that I felt like I really let go of the thought that it wasn’t actually Monroe on-screen.