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Listen To This: “Harmless” by Amanda Shires

There are certain songs that every time they pop up on my playlists on Spotify, I automatically go to “favorite” them with the little heart. Every time I’m reminded I’ve already favorited (a verb now), and done the same thing every time the song comes on. Amanda Shires “Harmless” is one of those songs. Just the opening notes are enough to capture my entire attention, and stop whatever I’m doing to be immersed in the song. With lines like “there was a sword in my drink, everything’s a sign, if you want it to be” or “and way out in the cheap seats, the stars started unblinking the ones that know anything won’t be revealing” it’s one of those songs that’s full packages – lyrics that are jam packed with emotion, relatability even, Shire’s voice is angelic and beautiful, and the song itself is a story to get lost in. Shires is married to Jason Isbell, so can you imagine the jam sessions that come out of the talented duo in that house?! Anyway, if you’re not familiar with her I’d say this is a great song to start with because it showcases her awe-inspiring abilities in such a perfect way. It’s a little bit folk, a little bit sad, but a whole lot of exactly what you should be checking out! “Harmless” is one of the tracks on her album My Piece of Land. 



meg says listen to this

Meg Says Listen to This: “Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars”

It’s not very often that I post on a weekend, but this morning I was listening to the “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify, and I was all excited because there were a few songs I heard that I wanted to share with you all. Then it got to John Moreland’s “Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars.” I kid you not, tears sprung to my eyes. I know that seems like it happens a lot and probably isn’t something special, but I’ve never heard this song before. It didn’t strike me because there was some nostalgic moment buried in my memory that it had uncovered. It made those waves of emotion crash over me because of the pure beauty of this song. I immediately listened to it again. I searched on YouTube and there’s a version from a performance at SXSW in 2015. While it may be a little uncommon for me to post on a Sunday, I couldn’t wait to share this one with you all. I can’t believe it’s never graced my ears, and so hopefully someone else will hear that painstaking beauty when they listen too. If I try to break this down and tell you why exactly the song speaks to me so loudly, it’s hard. It’s something about his gentle voice, and I mean just listen to that picking…these three minutes and forty-seven seconds are dripping with talent. Then of course because I will always be a lyric girl…the lyrics. All of them. But especially:

Babe, I know this life will make you cold and leave you mad
Make you homesick for a home you never had
Burning out the good with all the bad


If I could make you feel the way you make me feel
I’d set ablaze the secrets we conceal
Babe, I know this world will have the wolves outside your door
Make you leave all that you love to fight a war


I was reading the comments on this video, and apparently he was on Colbert a year ago, so I’ve just been missing out. And my gosh…how about the lucky audience who saw him open for Jason Isbell in London? Talk about one night of amazing. Anyway, it’s barely 9:30 in the morning on a Sunday and I already feel like my heart is cracked wide open, but if it’s possible to imagine, I mean that in a good way. Hopefully you’ll check it out, and maybe love it too. (If you do, check out the version on Spotify too.) Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies!

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Meg Says Watch This: “Hold You Back”

This song is wonderful, but the video is devastatingly beautiful. It’s all in the details. From the “We Will Miss You” balloon, that’s floated up to the corner of the room, to the stray bobby pins that were left on the night stand. The glaring emptiness of absence. How difficult it is to erase the trail someone leaves on our heart and in our lives. The essence of their presence heavy in a room, even when their body isn’t there. I mean yeah, essentially it’s a break  up song, but don’t all songs mean something different to their listeners? No matter what the subject matter, this one still strikes a chord.

And it’s right now that I start to see it
All of the weight of the way that it is
Caught between what it means to start over
And what happens over and over again

I know I mentioned Ryan Hurd in my post about my favorite musical discoveries of 2016. “Hold You Back” was the last song he released on Spotify last year, but he just debuted the video this week. I just love the way he has show cased such diversity in his songwriting with each track – some sting you with how emotional they are, some are fun the kind you turn up loud and blast, but there’s so much heart in each of them. I can’t wait for more music from him this year!


Meg Says Listen to This: Lucius “Two Of Us On the Run”

Thanks to Spotify’s Discover feature, several weeks ago I stumbled upon the incredible group that is Lucius. “Two Of Us On the Run” is the track that had me hooked from the opening chord. This group is a delicious blend of vocal harmonies, elegant instrumentals, and endearing lyrics. As soon as I heard this song, it stirred something in my soul. I’ll admit I’ve listened to it on repeat quite a few times. It’s just beautiful, and creative, and so emotionally connected that it’s almost hypnotizing the way the band can capture a listener’s attention. I knew this song would have a home on many mixed CDs I’d make in the future, and I’m constantly asking friends if they’ve heard it yet. So, that’s why I knew this was a song I just had to share with you guys. The Brooklyn-based band might be classified as pop, but don’t brush them off as bubblegum. Lucius has a special, graceful and soulful vibe to their songs. Obviously I’m a little bit behind in this find, but am so excited now that I know. If you haven’t listened to them yet, I strongly suggest you get to it! And for those of you lucky west coasters – they’re on tour! Go check them out in Bellingham, Portland, Eugene, and Petaluma!

Thanks to The Wild Honey Pie you can listen to this beautifully, raw version of “Two Of Us On the Run”


Turn it Up Tuesday, Listen to This: “I Dream of Chicago”

So, I might not have been giving you the scoop on all of my music finds as often lately, but don’t be surprised if I start sprouting off plenty of random new songs because the “Discover” section on Spotify just gives me all kinds of new tunes to jam with. For example, here’s a sweet folky one to get your Tuesday off right. “I Dream of Chicago” by Parlours.

Can we talk about how beautiful that album art is, for just a moment? Like really. I would love to crawl into that scene for the afternoon. (Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t mind a little impromptu visit to Chicago, either.)

The band came from Des Moines, Iowa. And who can’t love a group with a ukulele and a violin? I mean, seriously. Plus there is such a gentleness to this song that I can’t help but love right from the start. Almost like a lullaby, but not just simple and sweet.

If you haven’t heard it yet then I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon it here, check out “I Dream of Chicago”: